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Couple name their twins Corona and Covid after giving birth to them amid pandemic

Corona and Covid

When we all thought we have seen it all amid the outbreak of this deadly disease that has claimed thousands of lives and halted all productive activities worldwide, there comes one story that would make you wonder.

An Indian couple has named their newborn twins Corona and Covid because they were born during the coronavirus pandemic. The beautiful twins were born on March 26 & 27, 2020 at a government hospital in Raipur, India.

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According to the couple, the name would remind them about all the hardships they conquered amid the lockdown.

The mother of the twins identified as Preeti Verma said she had her baby after several difficulties and complications prior to the delivery.

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The 27-year-old woman said: “I was blessed with the twins – a boy and a girl – in the early hours on March 27. We have named them Covid (boy) and Corona (girl) for now.”

B is the photo of the beautiful twins:

Corona and Covid

From the above statement, the mother may change their decision and rename them as time goes by when the pandemic finally is wiped away.


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