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Princess Shyngle: Though my husband is in Jail, I’m not broke

 Princess Shyngle

Princess ShyngleActress, Princess Shyngle says she didn’t share her story on social media to get sympathy from the public.

Princess Shyngle told the world in one of the episodes on her social media reality show that she’s been pregnant for five months for her husband who is currently serving a jail term.

The actress said she’s currently struggling with the payment of bills and living by her self the whole time.

Reacting to her problems,she revealed that she has been getting calls from friends who are willing to help her.

But the Gambian actress in a post on Instagram has mentioned that she is not broke and does not need help from people.

To her, she gathered the courage to tell the world about her story because it was eating her up and needed to let the world know the struggles she has been going through.

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She said “I just want to thank each and everyone that reached out to me I’m so grateful, I’ve read all your dm’s and messages and I love y’all so much . I want to address something quickly I’ve been receiving a lot of dm’s from people offering me money because they think I’m struggling financially, I really appreciate the help but please please I don’t need money from anybody, I am not broke neither I’m I struggling financially , what I meant by saying I’m struggling on my previous video was that I’m struggling with the fact that my man is in jail and it’s hard for me being by myself . Probably after y’all watch episode 4 y’all will understand better. Once again I’m not sharing my story to get pity or for anyone to feel sorry for me I just want to inspire and encourage other women out there going through the same thing. Everything on my reality show happened a few months ago, I just recently gathered the courage to share my story God bless y’all I love y’all”.

Princess Shyngle was based in Ghana where she became famous through the semi-nude photos she used to post on her social media platforms.


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