Ghanaian Actor Eddie Nartey Finds Love Anew: Remarries Two Years Following Late Wife’s Demise

Renowned Ghanaian actor and accomplished producer, Eddie Nartey, entered into matrimony once again on the 12th of August, 2023. In a ceremony marked by its simplicity and elegance, a select group of intimate friends and family members gathered to witness the joyous event.

Eddie Nartey
Ghanaian Actor Eddie Nartey Finds Love Anew: Remarries Two Yea

Eddie Nartey was accompanied by his close celebrity companions, including Bismark The Joke, James Gardiner, and Foster Romanus, who took on the roles of his groomsmen. The photographs and videos capturing the occasion portray the profound happiness shared between Eddie Nartey and his newfound life partner.

As they traversed the path leading to the venue, the couple was enveloped in an atmosphere of jubilation, with enthusiastic cheers emanating from the well-wishers who had congregated to honor their affection. The nuptial union is a remarkable turning point for Eddie Nartey, who endured the loss of his first wife, Vida Ohenewaa NarteyVida Ohenewaa Nartey, in January 2021 as a consequence of a battle with kidney failure.

Though the years that followed were marked by his candid expression of grief, it appears that Eddie Nartey has at last encountered a renewed sense of contentment. Let us extend our heartfelt wishes to Eddie Nartey and his new spouse, aspiring for enduring love and boundless happiness to grace their shared journey throughout the years ahead.

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