The OKP Scholarship: Study in the Netherlands for free – How to apply

Study in the Netherlands for free: The Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) offers scholarships funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to professionals from various countries.

The programme aims to support capacity building and promote knowledge exchange by providing scholarships for a range of courses, including short courses and master’s programmes.

The OKP focuses on specific priority areas in each participating country, aligning with the nation’s needs and challenges. By offering these scholarships, the programme empowers professionals to contribute their expertise and experiences to their respective employing organizations after completing their studies.

Study in the Netherlands for free
Study in the Netherlands for free

Eligibility and Participating Countries

The OKP scholarships are open to motivated professionals residing and working in eligible countries, including Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tunisia, and more.

However, it is essential to review the list of participating countries, as some nations may be subject to changes in eligibility. Sudan and Uganda, for instance, will not be included in the OKP scholarship application rounds in 2023 due to current circumstances.

Requirements and Focus Areas

To be eligible for the OKP scholarship, applicants must meet specific criteria, including proficiency in English or French, employment in a priority area for their country, and a commitment to applying their newly acquired knowledge and experiences in their organizations.

Please check with your local government to see if a government statement is required: Requirements for government statements

The main priority areas of the programme include sexual and reproductive health and rights, security and rule of law, food and nutrition security, and water management.

Applicants should ensure their fields of experience align with the focus areas determined for their country of employment.

Application Process

Applicants must identify a course from the OKP course list that falls within their country’s focus areas and meets the eligibility criteria.

They should also obtain an employer statement, detailing how the course will strengthen both the applicant and the employing organization.

Applications must be submitted online through a Dutch educational institution during an open application round. Prospective applicants should be mindful of the application deadline set by their chosen institution.

  1. Check if your application falls within the OKP focus areas determined for your country.
  2. Check if you meet the OKP eligibility criteria.
  3. Find a course on the OKP course list. Please find a study, using the filter ‘Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP)’.
  4. Ask your employer whether they are willing to nominate you for an OKP scholarship.
  5. Contact the Dutch education institution of your choice to receive more information about the application procedure, the academic requirements and the link to apply online.
  6. Prepare your application: employer statement, motivation, passport, government statement (if required).
  7. During an application round, submit your application online using the link you receive from the Dutch education institution. Please be aware of the application deadline of the educational institution of your choice.

Application Deadline for 2023

The upcoming application round (Round 2) for 2023 will be open from June 28 to September 5, 16.00 CET. Prospective scholars can apply for courses commencing after February 1, 2024.

Short courses should be completed by August 31, 2024, while master’s programmes must be completed by January 31, 2025, with the exception of co-financed master’s programmes.

Study in the Netherlands for free

The Orange Knowledge Programme offers a valuable opportunity for professionals in eligible countries to pursue further education and skill development.

By providing scholarships in priority areas, the OKP aims to empower professionals to make significant contributions to their countries and organizations.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to explore the OKP course list, assess their eligibility, and prepare a compelling application to participate in the programme’s upcoming application round.

Through the OKP, professionals can become catalysts for positive change and contribute to sustainable development in their regions.

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