Health Director Advices to Change Condoms After Every Round

Health Director Advices to Change Condoms After Every Round

Abena Yeboah, the Health Director of Ayawaso West Municipality, has a vital message for the youth – change condoms after every round of sexual intercourse. Condoms serve as essential contraceptives and shields against sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

However, Dr. Abena Yeboah highlights that the improper use of condoms by some young individuals has alarming consequences.

Understanding Condoms: A Barrier Against STIs

In a candid interview with Asieduwaa Akumia on Prime Morning, Dr. Abena Yeboah elucidates the critical role condoms play in safeguarding sexual health.

She underscores the importance of disposing of condoms after ejaculation, as they carry a risk of tearing. Prolonged use is discouraged to ensure maximum protection.

Combatting the Rising Tide: STI Cases on the Increase

Dr. Abena Yeboah points out that STI cases in the country are on the rise due to unhealthy sexual practices.

She emphasizes that all condoms have a probability of tearing during or after intercourse.

While various factors can contribute to condom tears, one common issue is people using one condom for multiple ejaculations.

A Call for Comprehensive Education: Bridging the Knowledge Gap

The lack of in-depth sexual education is a growing concern. Dr. Abena Yeboah highlights that adolescents today often acquire information about sex through social media and peers, leading to misconceptions and risky behavior.

To address this gap in knowledge, she advocates for the integration of comprehensive reproductive health courses into the educational curriculum.

This proactive approach aims to empower students with a better understanding of safe sex practices and the correct use of contraceptives to prevent STIs.

Religious Leadership’s Role: Promoting Education and Responsibility

In the realm of religion, Dr. Abena Yeboah calls upon religious leaders to take an active role in educating their congregations about sex and promoting the responsible use of contraceptives.

She believes that religious guidance can significantly contribute to sensitizing and protecting the youth and the wider population.



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