Baribari Community Organizes Peaceful Walk Against LGBTQ+ Practices

Baribari Community Organizes Peaceful Walk: The Baribari Community, also known as Kanure, located in the Ashanti Region, recently organized a peaceful sensitization walk to raise awareness and address concerns about same-sex marriage and LGBTQ+ practices in Ghana.

The walk aimed to engage Zongo communities, particularly the youth, to understand the importance of being cautious and safeguarding themselves against what they consider a social issue known as LGBTQ+.

Alhaji Abdul Nasir Alhassan Baraw, the leader of the Kanure community in the Ashanti Region, emphasized the significance of addressing LGBTQ+ practices, stating that it should be a matter of concern for all Muslims.

He expressed concern that some vulnerable young individuals were being enticed into participating in LGBTQ+ activities by individuals offering monetary incentives.

Baribari Community Organizes Peaceful Walk

Alhaji Baraw highlighted that LGBTQ+ practices are not aligned with Ghanaian culture, and he called on Ghanaians to take action and resist such practices in various capacities. He emphasized the need to protect and uphold the cultural norms, traditions, and values of Ghanaian society.

Mr. Seifullah Mustapha, one of the organizers of the event, underscored that the Ghanaian government has criminalized LGBTQ+ practices. He stressed the importance of ensuring that the youth in Zongo communities are well-informed about the legal implications of such activities.

Furthermore, Mr. Mustapha shared that the Kanure community is committed to organizing educational initiatives for students across various institutions to address the issue of homosexuality. He emphasized the need to openly express their stance on homosexuality, considering their background as Zongo people, and to understand the religious perspective on the matter.

Mr. Mustapha advised the youth to exercise vigilance when encountering individuals who attempt to entice them with financial incentives to engage in LGBTQ+ activities. He encouraged them to stand firm against such enticements and to be mindful of the potential consequences.

In conclusion, the Baribari Community’s peaceful sensitization walk aimed to promote awareness and vigilance among Zongo youth regarding LGBTQ+ practices. The community leaders emphasized the importance of preserving Ghanaian culture and values, while also addressing the legal aspects associated with LGBTQ+ activities.

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