When will WASSCE 2023 pending results be out?

When will WASSCE 2023 pending results be out: Thousands of WASSCE 2023 results in Ghana are currently under review, raising concerns about potential cheating and academic integrity.

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) announced that subject scores for candidates from 235 schools are on hold due to suspected collusion and the use of AI-generated answers.

When will WASSCE 2023 pending results be out
When will WASSCE 2023 pending results be out

Key points:

  • 235 schools are under investigation for potential cheating in the 2023 WASSCE.
  • AI-generated answers are suspected in some cases.
  • Thousands of results are on hold pending further investigation.
  • WAEC is committed to upholding exam integrity.

Why were WASSCE results withheld?

After releasing provisional results for over 448,000 candidates, WAEC identified irregularities in certain cases. These include:

  • Collusion: Sharing information or working together during the exams.
  • AI-generated answers: Using artificial intelligence to create responses.
  • Foreign materials: Bringing unauthorized materials into the exam hall.
  • Learning support items: Keeping materials like notes or textbooks provided by schools.
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When will WASSCE 2023 pending results be out?

WAEC is currently investigating these cases and will determine the fate of the withheld results based on their findings. Possible outcomes include:

  • Result release: If no wrongdoing is found, the results may be released.
  • Result cancellation: If cheating is confirmed, the results may be cancelled.

WAEC emphasizes its commitment to maintaining the fairness and credibility of its examinations. Head of Public Affairs John K. Kapi assures that thorough investigations will be conducted to address all suspicions of cheating.

Stay updated

For the latest information on the withheld WASSCE results, follow WAEC’s official channels and stay informed about updates on the investigation.

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