2023 UHAS SRC Elections Vetting Results Announced, Controversy Surrounds Disqualification

UHAS SRC Elections Vetting Results Announced: The UHAS-SRC Electoral Commission (EC) has officially released the vetting results for the 2023 SRC/LNUGS elections.

After a rigorous vetting process, the following candidates have been qualified and disqualified for various positions in Hohoe Province, Ho Province, and at the federal level:

UHAS SRC Elections Vetting Results Announced
UHAS SRC Elections Vetting Results Announced

For Hohoe Province


  1. Adzalo Enoch Kwaku – DISQUALIFIED
  2. Prince Amissah Emmanuel – QUALIFIED

LOCAL NUGS President

  1. Micheal Appiah Danso – DISQUALIFIED
  2. Frank Kekeli Habadah – DISQUALIFIED

WOMEN’S Commissioner

  1. Yvonne Odonkor – DISQUALIFIED
  2. Alhassan Rafatu – QUALIFIED


  1. Solomon Abomabiik – QUALIFIED
  2. Zormelo Abraham – DISQUALIFIED

For Ho Province


  1. Sakpa Saviour Fafali Aku – QUALIFIED
  2. Ebenezer Nyarko – QUALIFIED


  1. Christian Kwaku Agbewoavi – QUALIFIED
  2. Carl Dodzi Mensah – QUALIFIED


  1. Addo Eric Adu – QUALIFIED
  2. Vandyke Godlives Ebo – QUALIFIED


  1. Brown Brandi Ewuradjoa – QUALIFIED
  2. Damankah Ferdinand M. D. – DISQUALIFIED

For Federal Results


  1. Fadil Mohammed and Gatefe Godwin Mawuli – QUALIFIED
  2. Frank Chati Bechuba & Reginald Enam Gibril Attidigah – DISQUALIFIED
  3. Pius Bryanh Lugudor & Ida Akaditi – QUALIFIED
  4. Johnson Eziel Duku Weitzmann & Christabel Naa Norley Mensah – QUALIFIED


  1. Diana Amenuveve Anku – QUALIFIED

Federal Secretary

  1. Fosu Gregory – QUALIFIED
  2. Abire Esther Amasimah – QUALIFIED

Federal Treasurer

  1. Suuk Epiphanus Dumung – QUALIFIED
  2. Enock Addo – DISQUALIFIED

The Showdown

UHAS SRC Elections Vetting Results Announced

In a surprising turn of events, Enock Addo, who was disqualified for the position of Federal SRC Treasurer, released a statement regarding his disqualification. Addo expressed his shock and disappointment in the decision and asserted that there was no justifiable reason for his disqualification. He pledged to take legal action to address what he perceives as an issue of injustice and unfairness.

Addo, who had previously garnered significant support, reassured his supporters that he remains committed to advocating for justice and fairness for the student populace. He called upon his supporters for their unwavering support and patience during this challenging time.

UHAS SRC Elections Vetting Results Announced
UHAS SRC Elections Vetting Results Announced

The UHAS-SRC 2023 elections have indeed generated controversy, with Enock Addo’s disqualification being a focal point. As the situation unfolds, the student body eagerly awaits further developments in this contentious electoral process.

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