Pius Bryanh Lugudor’s Quest for UHAS SRC Presidency

Pius Bryanh Lugudor emerges as a UHAS-trained Physician Assistant and a dedicated level 400 medical student, poised to vie for the esteemed position of FEDERAL PRESIDENT PORTFOLIO within the UHAS SRC.

Exploring Pius Bryanh Lugudor’s Persona

Pius Bryanh Lugudor, an accomplished Alumnus of UHAS, completed his education with the second cohort from 2013 to 2017, specializing in the Physician Assistantship program.

Throughout his educational journey, he has consistently demonstrated a passion for student leadership. Notably, he held the role of Speaker OF Parliament from 2015 to 2017, contributing to the administration led by Divine Kporha.

Additionally, he assumed the mantle of PASAG President during this period.

In 2019, he embarked on a new academic pursuit, enrolling in the Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery program at UHAS after two years of professional work experience.

His commitment to student leadership continued as he took on the role of Presidential Advisor to the then Federal President of the SRC, H.E. Abraham Norman Nortey.

A Legacy of Influence and Dedication

Pius Bryanh Lugudor’s leadership acumen has earned him significant recognition. He was honored with the title of “Most Influential Student of the Year” at the inaugural Local NUGS Award ceremony in 2017, a testament to his impactful presence on campus.

Moreover, he has been granted the SRC Honorarium, signifying his esteemed status as an Elder statesman within the SRC community as stipulated by the SRC Constitution.

A Visionary and Engaged Leader

Prior to his aspiration for the Federal President Portfolio, Pius Bryanh Lugudor orchestrated a series of enlightening and entertaining programs for the student body. Notable among them are “THE EASTER GALA GAMES,” “THE PROFESSIONAL SERIES,” and “FOUNDERS DAY GAME NIGHT.” Furthermore, he played a pivotal role in organizing academic tutorials for fellow students and providing valuable examination insights.

Outside of his academic commitments, he has gained practical experience through his engagement with various organizations. Presently, he dedicates part of his time as a clinician at the Volta Serene Hotel Clinic.

A Multi-Faceted Leader

Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Pius Bryanh Lugudor is recognized for his devotion as President of the Mass Servers, KNOLTA-PAX ROMANA, showcasing his strong ties to his Catholic faith. His affable nature and compassionate leadership style have positioned him as an advocate for the rights and welfare of the UHAS student community.

Pius Bryanh Lugudor’s journey exemplifies a dedicated leader who has consistently championed student welfare and engagement, aiming to contribute further to the UHAS community as he vies for the role of Federal President.

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