3 Music Awards Postponed to 2024 for Unparalleled Excellence

The organizers of the highly anticipated 3 Music Awards have recently made a significant announcement, deciding to postpone this year’s edition to ensure an extraordinary event in 2024.

Music Awards

The postponement, as stated in their press release dated July 26, 2023, is aimed at securing essential financial support and sponsorships, enabling them to maintain the exceptional standard of excellence that the 3 Music Awards has been known for over the years.

Reasons Behind the Postponement

In their official statement, the organizers emphasized the need to secure adequate financial backing and sponsorships as the primary reason behind the decision to reschedule the awards ceremony.

They are committed to upholding the unmatched level of quality and prestige associated with the 3 Music Awards, and this postponement will allow them to do just that.

“The postponement is in response to our need to secure adequate financial support and sponsorships, thereby upholding the unmatched standard of excellence that has defined the 3 Music Awards over the years,” the statement explained.

Music Awards

Acknowledging Mass Recognition

The 3 Music Awards have earned immense recognition as one of Ghana’s premier celebrations of musical talent. With its ability to captivate audiences and music enthusiasts alike, the awards platform holds a special place in the hearts of many.

The organizers recognize the significance of this recognition and popularity and aim to live up to the expectations of their devoted fans.

“The 3 Music Awards has garnered immense recognition as a premier celebration of musical talent, captivating audiences and enthusiasts alike. As a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, we believe that rescheduling the event to 2024 will ensure that the 3 Music Awards remains an unrivaled experience within the industry,” part of the statement read.

Gratitude and Promise

In light of the decision to postpone, the organizers expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the public for their understanding and patience. They are deeply thankful for the continued support shown during this time of transition.

Assuring the public that they will emerge stronger, the organizers are determined to deliver an extraordinary 3 Music Awards experience in 2024, celebrating the very best of the music industry.

“The 3Media Networks team extends heartfelt gratitude for the understanding, patience, and continued support shown during this time. Together, we will overcome this temporary setback and emerge stronger, delivering an extraordinary 3 Music Awards experience that celebrates the very best of our industry,” the statement concluded.


With the decision to postpone the 3 Music Awards to 2024, the organizers are making a strategic move to ensure that the event maintains its reputation as an unparalleled celebration of musical excellence.

By securing essential financial support and sponsorships, they are committed to delivering an exceptional awards ceremony that will delight music enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

The full press statement released by 3media Network is below:

3 Music Awards

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