WASSCE 2023 Integrated Science Questions: Prepare for Success

Integrated Science Questions: The WASSCE 2023 has already commenced, with visual arts practicals underway. All candidates are expected to be fully prepared by now. To assist you in your preparations, we’ve compiled some essential Integrated Science questions that all candidates must try.

Section 1: Effects of Friction on Machines

  1. State two effects of friction on machines.
  2. Explain briefly how lubricants reduce friction in machines.

Section 2: Identifying Pollutants

  1. State one pollutant from each of the following sources:
  • (a) exhaust fumes of motor cars
  • (b) aerosol spray.

Section 3: Combating Global Warming

  1. State three ways by which global warming could be reduced.

Section 4: Photosynthesis and Raw Materials

  1. Name two raw materials necessary for photosynthesis to take place.

Section 5: The Importance of Food Chains in the Ecosystem

  1. State three ways in which food chains are important in the ecosystem.

Section 6: Understanding Chemical Reactions

  1. Differentiate between neutralization and esterification reactions.

Section 7: Organic Compound Structures

  1. Write the structure of the functional group present in each of the following organic compounds:
  • (a) ethanoic acid
  • (B) ethene
  • (c) propanol.

Section 8: Crop Production and Transplanting

  1. Explain the term “transplanting” as used in crop production.
  2. State three farming practices that are carried out on a farm during transplanting.

Section 9: Calculating Energy Output

  1. A machine has an efficiency of 80%. If the energy input into it is 1.2 x 10° J, calculate its energy output.
  2. State three reasons why the energy conversion was not 100%.


By attempting these questions, you can reinforce your understanding of Integrated Science concepts and boost your confidence for the WASSCE 2023 examination. Remember to practice regularly and seek clarification on any challenging topics to excel in your exams.

Good luck with your preparations, and may you achieve outstanding results in the WASSCE 2023!

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