2023 BECE RME Questions: Practice and Excel in the Upcoming Examination

BECE RME Questions: BECE 2023, scheduled to begin in 6 days on 7th August, will be conducted earlier this year compared to the previous year. Aspiring candidates are strongly encouraged to give their best efforts to achieve excellent results.

To aid their preparation, here are some probable BECE RME Questions (Religious and Moral Education) questions for BECE candidates to practice.

The examination comprises three sections, namely A, B, and C. Candidates are required to answer three questions, selecting one question from each section.

All questions carry equal marks, and it is essential to provide answers in an organized and clear manner in the answer booklet.

BECE RME Questions

Section A: Religion

  1. (a) Narrate the Biblical account of how God created light. [12 marks] (b) State four responsibilities of mankind towards God’s creation. [8 marks]
  2. (a) Outline four moral teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). [12 marks] (b) Explain four ways in which these moral teachings can be applied in your daily life. [8 marks]
  3. (a) State four factors to consider when choosing a name for a child. [12 marks] (b) Describe four reasons why naming ceremonies hold significance in your community. [8 marks]
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Section B: Moral Life

  1. (a) State four customary forms of greeting in your community. [4 marks] (b) Identify four essential factors to consider when greeting someone. [4 marks] (c) Highlight four moral benefits derived from demonstrating correct greetings. [12 marks]
  2. (a) Outline four benefits that Muslims can derive from their commitment to Allah. [8 marks] (b) Explain four ways to demonstrate commitment in life. [12 marks]
  3. (a) Identify four causes of substance abuse among students. [8 marks] (b) Describe four preventive measures against substance abuse. [12 marks]

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Section C: Social Life

  1. (a) Identify four rules expected to be obeyed in your school. [4 marks] (b) Explain four reasons why hard work must be encouraged among people. [16 marks]
  2. (a) State four reasons why cheating should not be encouraged in the community. (b) Describe four functions of Religious Youth Organizations in your community.

These questions are designed to evaluate candidates’ knowledge and understanding of Religious and Moral Education topics. Remember, providing well-structured answers and clear explanations will earn credit in the examination.

Conclusion: BECE RME Questions

In conclusion, diligent preparation and practice on these BECE RME Questions will undoubtedly contribute to the success of BECE 2023 candidates. Best of luck in the upcoming examination!

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