Kenya halts Altman crypto eye scanning project.

Kenya halts Altman crypto eye scanning project: Kenya has taken a cautious approach towards Worldcoin, the iris-scanning cryptocurrency project launched by Sam Altman, founder of OpenAI.

The Kenyan government has ordered a halt to data collection by Worldcoin in the country, citing potential privacy and security risks. This decision comes as authorities evaluate the project’s handling of iris scans and the associated cryptocurrency, raising concerns about data security and clarity.

Worldcoin’s Unique Approach

Worldcoin’s innovative project involves using iris scans to create distinct digital identities, which can then be linked to digital currencies through the company’s World App. The initiative, which recently launched, features eye-catching silver orbs set up in major cities globally for iris scanning.

Kenya halts Altman crypto eye scanning project
Kenya halts Altman crypto eye scanning project

Kenyan Authorities’ Concerns

The Communications Authority of Kenya has released a statement indicating that it will evaluate Worldcoin due to uncertainties surrounding the security and storage of the collected iris scans.

The authority also expressed unease about the linked cryptocurrency and Worldcoin’s practice of incentivizing people to undergo iris scans. It revealed that Kenyans received Worldcoins as rewards for signing up, leading to an overwhelming response and long lines.

Immediate Impact and Response

The suspension of Worldcoin’s operations in Kenya led to significant disruption, as thousands of people were turned away while waiting to have their irises scanned. Alex Blania, CEO of Worldcoin’s parent company, Tools for Humanity, responded on Twitter, acknowledging the pause in World ID verifications. He assured that the company is collaborating with local regulators to address their concerns and emphasized that World ID is designed with privacy in mind.

Kenya halts Altman crypto eye scanning project

Global Scrutiny and Data Protection

Kenya is not the only country scrutinizing WorldCoin’s potential risks. Regulatory bodies in France, Germany, and the UK are also evaluating the project’s compliance with privacy protections. Worldcoin, however, asserts that biometric data remains within the orb and is permanently deleted after sign-up, with only the IrisCode retained for identity representation.

Kenya halts Altman crypto eye scanning project

Kenya’s decision to halt Worldcoin’s operations reflects the growing importance of data privacy and security in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency and technology. As the project undergoes regulatory review and reassessment, the balance between innovative advancements and safeguarding individuals’ rights continues to be a central consideration.

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