Asake vs. Ghana: A Tale of Global Music Influence

In a recent Twitter space hosted by Ghanaian media personality Serwaa, the ever-controversial Ghanaian dancehall singer, Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr., better known as Shatta Wale, dropped a bombshell that sent shockwaves through the Ghanaian music industry. With unflinching conviction, he declared that no Ghanaian artist, not even himself, could match the stardom of Nigerian singer Asake.

Shatta Wale’s Bold Assertion

Shatta Wale, never one to shy away from making headlines, boldly proclaimed, “No Ghanaian artiste has even made it like Asake. Not even me.” This assertion didn’t just raise eyebrows; it sent tremors of debate rippling through the Ghanaian music scene.

Asake, a relatively new name on the Nigerian music block, has taken the industry by storm with his hit tracks and remarkable achievements. His recent accomplishment of selling out the illustrious 20,000-capacity O2 Arena in London, United Kingdom, is a testament to his growing global influence. It’s no wonder Shatta Wale, known for his candidness, felt compelled to acknowledge Asake’s unparalleled success.

Shatta Wale didn’t stop at praising Asake; he urged his fellow Ghanaian artists to adopt a realistic perspective. He emphasized, “Nobody in this Ghanaian [music] industry has made what Asake has made. Let’s be realistic.” This statement shines a light on the need for introspection within the Ghanaian music industry.

A Challenge and Inspiration for Ghanaian Artists

The Richest vs. The Biggest

One intriguing point raised in the Twitter space was Shatta Wale’s wealth versus Asake’s stardom. Serwaa, the host, questioned Shatta Wale, saying, “But you said you are the richest Ghanaian artist, and you haven’t even made it up to Asake’s level?” Shatta Wale replied with characteristic confidence, “Why would I have to make it up to Asake’s level [before I would be the richest artist in Ghana]? There is a Spanish artist in Spain or the Dominican Republic that is making money that we don’t know.”

A Wake-up Call for Ghanaian Artists

Shatta Wale’s candid admission and the ensuing discussion should serve as a wake-up call for Ghanaian artists. It’s not just about wealth; it’s about the reach and influence an artist commands globally. Asake’s success demonstrates that there’s a vast world beyond Ghana’s borders waiting to embrace Ghanaian music.

Global Ambitions and Collaborations

Asake’s rise to prominence underscores the importance of global ambitions for Ghanaian artists. Collaborations, international tours, and reaching out to broader audiences are essential steps to achieving the kind of recognition Asake has garnered.

To match or surpass Asake’s level of success, Ghanaian artists must also invest in the quality of their music and productions. High-quality music transcends borders and languages, making it more likely to resonate with a global audience.

Embracing Diversity

Ghanaian artists can also draw inspiration from Asake’s ability to blend different musical styles and cultural elements into his music. This diversity has broadened his appeal and attracted fans from various parts of the world.

Promoting the Ghanaian Music Industry

Instead of seeing Asake’s success as a threat, Ghanaian artists and stakeholders should view it as an opportunity to promote the Ghanaian music industry on the global stage. Asake’s achievements can pave the way for more attention to Ghanaian music.

Shatta Wale’s acknowledgment of Asake’s stardom serves as a reminder that the music industry is ever-evolving, and artists must adapt and strive for global recognition. Asake’s remarkable achievements should inspire Ghanaian artists to aim higher, invest in quality, embrace diversity, and work together to elevate the Ghanaian music industry on the international scene. It’s not just about being the richest; it’s about having the biggest influence and impact.

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