Who Won GMB 2023? Selorm Wins GMB 2023 In Style – Full Winners List

Selorm Wins GMB: The grand finale of Ghana Most Beautiful 2023 delivered an unforgettable night of talent, culture, and beauty. After 13 incredible weeks of fierce competition, it was time to crown the new Most Beautiful Queen of Ghana.

Selorm Magdalene Gadah from the Volta Region of Ghana emerged victorious on October 8, 2023, besting Nurah, Aduanige, Naa Ayele, and Kwartemaa in a fierce competition. Selorm, GMB 2023, secured the car, crown, and cash prize with her compelling and persuasive answers to the judges’ questions.

Watch The Performance

  • Selorm: Throughout the competition, Selorm consistently wore a smile that lit up the stage. She proved to be the embodiment of the Volta Region’s spirit, radiating grace and positivity.
  • Nurah: Hailing from the Northern Region, Nurah showcased herself as a true warrior over the 13 weeks. On the Grand Finale, she shone brightest, presenting the rich culture of the North with grace and pride.
  • Aduanige: Representing the Upper East Region, Aduanige’s performance on the Grand Finale celebrated Ghana’s rich cultural diversity. Her captivating display left the audience on their feet, mesmerized by our heritage.
  • Kwartemaa: The pride of the Bono Region, Kwartemaa, made a grand style appearance on the Grand Finale of #GMB2023. Her performance was a majestic blend of culture and talent.

OliveTheBoy, S3fa & Mr Drew Performance

The night was not only about the contestants but also featured captivating performances by renowned artists. OliveTheBoy performed his trending song titled “Goodsin,” while Sefa graced the stage with “Fever,” “Shugar,” “Echoke,” and a snippet of her new song. Mr. Drew added to the excitement with his sensational performance.

Selorm Crowned GMB 2023 Winner

As the event reached its climax, it was time to reveal the winners:

Selorm emerged as the deserving winner, capturing the crown and the hearts of the nation. The other finalists also showcased immense talent and dedication throughout the competition.

  • Winner: Selorm
  • 1st Runner-up: Naa Ayeley
  • 2nd Runner-up: Kwartemaa
  • 3rd Runner-up: Nurah
  • 4th Runner-up: Aduanige

Selorm Wins GMB 2023 – Video Crowning her

This year’s Ghana Most Beautiful competition was a testament to the rich cultural diversity and talent that Ghana possesses. As Selorm takes on her role as the new Most Beautiful Queen of Ghana, she carries with her the pride, culture, and spirit of her region, making her a true ambassador of Ghana’s beauty and heritage.

Source: WilsonTrendit

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