Wesley Girls Triumphs in NSMQ 2023 Quarter-final Battle Over Bishop Herman

Wesley Girls Triumphs in NSMQ 2023 Quarter Final: In a nail-biting battle of wits and knowledge, Wesley Girls’ High School emerged victorious in the quarter-final stage of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) 2023.

Their journey to victory saw them compete against Mpraeso SHS and Bishop Herman College, and it was a remarkable demonstration of intellect and determination.

Wesley Girls Triumphs in NSMQ
Wesley Girls Triumphs in NSMQ

The competition was fierce, with each team vying for a coveted spot in the semi-finals. Wesley Girls’ High School showcased their exceptional knowledge and quick thinking, ultimately securing 35 points, which proved to be the winning score.

Strong Contenders: Bishop Herman and Mpraeso SHS

Mpraeso SHS, not to be underestimated, put up a valiant effort and managed to garner an impressive 32 points. Their strong performance kept the match intensely competitive until the very end.

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Bishop Herman College, while facing formidable opponents, showcased their knowledge and determination throughout the competition, amassing 21 points.

Wesley Girls Triumphs in NSMQ 2023 Quarterfinals

Wesley Girls’ High School’s victory in this quarterfinal battle is a testament to their dedication and academic prowess. Their journey in the NSMQ 2023 is marked by their aspiration to become the first girls’ school to claim the coveted NSMQ trophy.

As they move forward in the competition, they will undoubtedly continue to demonstrate their remarkable knowledge and quick thinking. Wesley Girls’ High School’s triumph not only highlights its capabilities but also serves as an inspiration to all aspiring students in the field of science and mathematics.

The NSMQ 2023 quarterfinal battles have already delivered thrilling competitions, and the victory of Wesley Girls’ High School over Mpraeso SHS and Bishop Herman College adds to the excitement. As the competition progresses, the remaining quarter-final matches promise more intense battles of intellect and quick thinking.

Wesley Girls’ High School’s journey in the NSMQ 2023 is a celebration of knowledge and excellence. Their impressive victory underscores the significance of dedication and passion in the pursuit of academic success.

As they advance to the next stage of the competition, we eagerly await more remarkable displays of intelligence and a continued celebration of knowledge. Congratulations to Wesley Girls’ High School for their well-deserved victory in the quarterfinals, and we wish them the best of luck in the upcoming stages of NSMQ 2023.

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