Education Advocate Sponsors Mock Exam for BECE Readiness in Birim South District

In a remarkable display of commitment to education, Mr. Kwasi Kwaning Bosompem, a proud native of Birim South District, has stepped forward as a sponsor for an important educational initiative.

He has graciously extended his support to the District Education Directorate, enabling them to conduct a mock examination aimed at assessing the preparedness of approximately 700 pupils for the upcoming 2023 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), scheduled for August.

Comprehensive Sponsorship Covers Key Aspects

Under Mr. Bosompem’s sponsorship, every aspect of the mock examination process has been comprehensively covered.

This generous support encompasses the expenses related to essential components such as printing examination papers, providing nourishing meals, offering stipends to accredited invigilators from the Ghana Education Service (G.E.S), and compensating examiners tasked with meticulously evaluating the scripts of nearly 700 students drawn from 31 Junior High Schools within the District.

Recognizing Birim South’s Educational Contributions

During the presentation of the sponsorship package to the esteemed Birim South District Director of Education, Mr. Bosompem took the opportunity to highlight the district’s substantial contributions to the development of the nation’s human resources.

He underscored the fact that numerous individuals who have risen to prominent positions in the country have received their foundational education within this very district.

Mr. Bosompem called upon all stakeholders to unite in their support for the continuous advancement of the region’s educational endeavors.

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Empowering Through Education in a Changing World

With an unwavering passion for education, Mr. Bosompem emphasized the rapidly evolving global landscape and the myriad challenges that impact both professional and personal lives. He articulated the critical role of well-educated individuals in effectively navigating and overcoming these challenges, thereby contributing to the creation of a more resilient and prosperous society.

Inspiring Excellence Through Personal Commitment

Mr. Bosompem further pledged his personal commitment to recognizing and rewarding excellence. He announced his intention to provide commendable awards to candidates who distinguish themselves through outstanding performance in the 2023 BECE examinations.

This commendable gesture is designed to inspire and motivate other pupils to approach their studies with diligence and dedication.

Gratitude Expressed and Promise of Diligent Execution

Mr. Henry Sintim, the District Director of Education for Birim South, expressed heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the pupils and staff for Mr. Bosompem’s invaluable support.

He assured that the sponsorship funds would be judiciously utilized for their intended purposes. Mr. Sintim also reaffirmed his team’s unwavering dedication to ensuring the effective implementation of this contribution.

Leveraging Insights for Enhanced Preparation

Drawing from the success of a previous mock examination held at Akim Swedru Senior High School under Mr. Bosompem’s guidance, Mr. Sintim outlined the valuable insights gained from the experience.

These insights will be actively used to refine and optimize the students’ preparation strategies, enhancing their prospects for outstanding performance in the imminent BECE.

Fostering Partnerships for Ongoing Success

Lastly, Mr. Sintim extended his appreciation to the Management and Staff of Akim Swedru Senior High School for their collaborative spirit and support, which enabled the seamless organization of the mock examination.

He emphasized the importance of nurturing this productive relationship to foster continued success in future collaborative endeavors.

Mock Exam for BECE Readiness

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