Fountain Baby by Amaarae Review: An In-Depth Look at the Album’s Brilliance

Fountain Baby by Amaarae Review: Amaarae’s second album, ‘Fountain Baby,’ was released on Friday, June 9th, via Interscope. Following her 2020 debut, ‘The Angel you don’t Know,’ the album features previously released singles ‘Reckless & Sweet’ and ‘Co-Star.’

Amaarae describes the album as an embodiment of sex appeal, blessings, and undeniable swag. She sees it as a vibrant declaration of her identity as a blessed child of God.

To celebrate the album’s release, the Ghanaian-American artiste has unveiled a music video for the album track ‘Wasted Eyes,’ which is available for viewing.

Listen: Fountain Baby by Amaarae on Spotify

You can listen to ‘Fountain Baby’ now to experience Amaarae’s latest musical creation.

Fantano’s Review

Music reviewer Anthony Fantano has given a glowing review of Amaarae’s sophomore album, “Fountain Baby.” He praises the artist’s versatility and experimentation with different styles, highlighting standout tracks that blend cultural influences and showcase intimate vocals.

While he notes a few moments where the vocals may wander aimlessly, he overall highly recommends the album and gives it a strong 9/10 rating.

Amaarae – Fountain Baby ALBUM REVIEW

Despite some meandering moments, Amaarae’s album has impactful tracks with a high level of elegance and chill, showcasing versatility with fusions of various genres.

  • “Angels” fuses African, Asian, and high-art pop music aggressively, creating a unique sound.
  • “Co-Star” features elegant harp arpeggios and flirty lyrics about astrology, resulting in a silky sex dream sound.
  • “Princess Going Digital” has hot grooves, drum fills, and call-and-response vocals, giving it a fantasy dance party vibe.

Amaarae’s song “Counterfeit” on the album “Fountain Baby” is a bold banger with cultural fusions and recognizable steel drum lines from Pharrell’s “Wamp Wamp”, while also showcasing her ability to create a whimsical and theatrical cut with “Disguise”, and ending with a punk rock passage on “Sex Violence and Suicide”.

Fountain Baby by Amaarae Review
  • “Counterfeit” has a lot of crazy cultural fusions that seem almost M.I.A.-esque and recognizable steel drum lines from Pharrell’s “Wamp Wamp.”
  • “Disguise” is the most whimsical and theatrical cut on the album, with male-female vocal harmonies, a chilly atmosphere, and refined touches of strings
  • “Sex Violence and Suicide” ends with a punk rock passage that sounds more raw and interesting than many artists in the pop field

Amarae’s album is creative, bold, sweet, and enchanting, with impressive diversity, texture, tunes, and vocal performances.

  • “Sociopathic Dance Queen” is an excellent song with dreamy pop-banger vibes.
  • “Aquamarine Loves Ecstasy” lacks variation but still gives off a big-shot day vibe.
  • “Water from Wine” is pure ecstasy.
  • “Come Home to God” surprises with rock drums and eerie, breathy lead vocals, making for an interesting contrast with over-the-top lyrics.
  • The album is impressive with its diversity, texture, tunes, and vocal performances.
Fountain Baby by Amaarae Review
Fountain Baby by Amaarae Review

Who is Amaarae?

  1. Amaray is a Ghanaian-American pop singer and songwriter
  2. She gained attention during the pandemic with a hot track that earned a remix featuring Kali Uchis
  3. Amaray and Kali Uchis share a common ground in being versatile pop artists who care about songcraft
  4. They both have light, sweet, dreamy voices and borrow from a wide variety of genres

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