Ghana Ports adjusts tariffs amidst global economic challenges.

Ghana Ports adjusts tariffs: The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) has announced the implementation of a revised tariff, citing the prevailing global economic challenges, inflation, and currency depreciation that have contributed to increased operational costs.

Despite concerns about declining traffic volumes, GPHA states that it cannot operate at a loss. The Authority emphasizes its commitment to striking a balance between cost recovery and maintaining quality services.

Ghana Ports adjusts tariffs Rationale Behind the Tariff Adjustment

The tariff adjustment is a response to the escalating costs of operations for GPHA, paralleling the impact experienced by other businesses due to rising fuel prices, utilities, machinery, and equipment expenses. GPHA acknowledges that tariff increments might have a short-term effect on businesses but underscores the need to ensure a delicate equilibrium between cost recovery and service excellence.

Scope of the Tariff Review

The tariff review encompasses a restructuring of some tariff items to address distortions and enhance clarity in interpretation and application. GPHA clarifies that only a portion of tariff items has been increased, and it is committed to a transparent and accountable decision-making process that considers the interests of all stakeholders.

Ghana Ports adjusts tariffs
Ghana Ports adjusts tariffs

Comparative Study and Competitiveness

GPHA conducted a comparative port tariff study in the neighboring Ports of Lome and Abidjan to ensure that Ghana’s ports remain competitive in terms of pricing and service quality. The tariff adjustment aims to strike a balance between maintaining competitiveness and recovering operational costs.

Engagement and Collaboration

Before implementing the tariff increment, GPHA engaged with relevant institutions and major stakeholders. Notable stakeholders included the Ghana Shippers’ Authority, Ship Owners and Agents Association of Ghana, Freight Forwarding Associations, Ghana Union of Traders Association, Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana, and representatives from the transit trading community.

Transparency and Future Considerations

GPHA emphasizes its commitment to transparency and accountability, highlighting that the decision to adjust tariffs was made after a thorough evaluation and consideration of various factors affecting port operations. The Authority clarifies that tariff adjustments have been a periodic practice and have been informed by careful study and benchmarking with neighboring ports.

Ghana Ports adjusts tariffs

Amid the global economic challenges and increased operational costs, the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority has taken the step of implementing a tariff adjustment. This decision is rooted in a commitment to strike a balance between cost recovery and maintaining the quality of services. The engagement with stakeholders and comparative studies further underscore GPHA’s commitment to ensuring competitiveness and transparency in its operations.

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