Ghanaian Musician and Influencer, Michy, Aims to Enter Politics, Citing it as the Premier Role in Ghana

Diamond Michelle Gbagonah, popularly known as Michy, a prominent figure in the Ghanaian music and social media scene, has openly declared her aspiration to venture into the realm of politics. During an appearance on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z, Michy articulated her desire to pursue a political career, emphasizing that her current pursuit of a law degree is intricately tied to her political ambitions.

Responding to inquiries about her future in the music industry, Michy, who recently unveiled a new song, conveyed that she harbors specific objectives for her future. She clarified that these objectives extend beyond a lengthy music career, underscoring her determination to achieve goals in diverse domains, including politics. She voiced optimism about the prospect of transitioning into politics, with the intention of pursuing that path rather than continuing solely in music beyond her 40s or 50s.

Elaborating on her inclination towards politics, Michy asserted that, in her view, it is the most esteemed vocation within Ghana’s current landscape. In a conversation with the host Kwame Dadzie, she expounded on the unique status that political engagement offers, granting access to opportunities and privileges not easily accessible to everyone. Michy also emphasized her motivation to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives as a driving factor behind her political aspirations.

Furthermore, Michy disclosed her intention to eventually assume the role of a parliamentarian when the time is right for her to enter politics. She conveyed her desire to contribute to society by detailing her ongoing initiative to provide sustenance to around eighty children in her neighborhood every week.

Concurrently with her political aspirations, Michy has launched a new song titled ‘Hustle’, showcasing her multifaceted talents and her commitment to pursuing various avenues of personal and societal impact.

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