Mohamed Salah Faces Staggering £65 Million Offer from Al-Ittihad: Will He Stay at Liverpool?

Al-Ittihad’s Staggering Bid.

Saudi Arabian club Al-Ittihad has made headlines by presenting Mohamed Salah with an eye-popping three-year contract proposal worth a jaw-dropping £65 million ($82 million) annually. This monumental offer has certainly set the football world abuzz.

Salah’s Whopping Salary

Al-Ittihad’s offer translates into a remarkable £65 million per year before any additional incentives. To put this into perspective, it equates to a staggering weekly paycheck of £1.25 million. What’s even more astounding is that this income in Saudi Arabia is not subject to taxation. According to reports by Ben Jacobs, Salah has been informed that, with bonuses and sponsorship deals factored in, he could potentially outearn even Cristiano Ronaldo in the country.

Liverpool’s Stance: Not For Sale

In response to this seismic development, Liverpool has maintained an unwavering position—they will not part ways with Salah this summer. The Reds are determined to hold onto their star player, but the big question remains whether Salah will actively pursue this lucrative opportunity, given the astronomical wages involved.

Salah’s Significance to Liverpool

It’s important to underscore Salah’s indispensable role in Liverpool’s squad. He played a pivotal part in every Premier League match last season, netting an impressive 19 goals and providing 12 assists. In the current season, he has already found the back of the net once and created an assist in just two games. Salah’s contributions on the field are undeniable, making him an integral figure in Liverpool’s pursuit of success.

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