Minority Declares New Pokuase Affordable Housing Project as Illegitimate

New Pokuase Affordable Housing Project: The new affordable housing project in Pokuase, Greater Accra Region, which was inaugurated by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on August 1, has been thrust into the spotlight due to legal concerns.

Member of Parliament for Bodi, Sampson Ahi, has raised objections, asserting that the project lacks the necessary parliamentary approval, rendering it illegal.

This article delves into the controversy surrounding the project and sheds light on the government’s efforts to complete the Saglemi Housing Project.

New Pokuase Affordable Housing Project
New Pokuase Affordable Housing Project

The Legal Conundrum

According to Mr. Sampson Ahi, the commencement of the Pokuase affordable housing project without prior parliamentary approval is a blatant violation of protocol. He emphasized that the project should have undergone the parliamentary approval process before any action was taken.

During his address to journalists in Parliament, he questioned the significance of presenting documents for approval if the project was initiated without parliamentary consent. This has ignited a debate over the sanctity of parliamentary procedures and the implications of disregarding them.

The Saglemi Housing Project Saga

To contextualize the issue, it is crucial to revisit the controversial Saglemi Housing Project, which began in Prampram, Greater Accra Region, in 2012.

The project faced financial scrutiny under the previous government led by John Mahama, leading to criminal proceedings against some government officials, including the then Minister of Water Resources, Works, and Housing, Collins Dauda.

However, with the recent shift in power and President Akufo-Addo’s administration taking the reins, efforts to complete the Saglemi project have resurfaced.

Government’s Efforts to Complete the Saglemi Project

During the inauguration of the Pokuase affordable housing project, President Akufo-Addo unveiled his administration’s plans to complete the Saglemi Housing Project, which had been stalled for years.

He disclosed that the Works and Housing Minister, Francis Asenso-Boakye, was given the green light to seek a private entity with the requisite financial and technical capacity to finalize the project.

Cabinet directed the minister to explore the possibility of disposing of the 1,506 housing units to a private sector entity, without incurring additional costs for the government.

New Pokuase Affordable Housing Project

Financial Implications and Approval Process

President Akufo-Addo revealed that the Saglemi Housing Project’s completion would require an additional $114 million, on top of the $198 million already invested in the project.

To facilitate this, a technical working group was established, and the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) granted approval for a transaction advisor to oversee the project’s completion.

The involvement of a private sector entity is expected to expedite the process and ensure the successful delivery of affordable housing to the public.

Addressing Legal Concerns

As the government proceeds with its plans to complete the Saglemi Housing Project, legal concerns raised by Mr. Sampson Ahi cannot be ignored.

It is imperative for the government to address the parliamentary approval issue and ensure that all necessary steps are taken to legitimize the project.

By adhering to parliamentary protocols, the government can safeguard the project from future legal challenges and uphold the rule of law.

New Pokuase Affordable Housing Project, Here is what we know!

The Pokuase affordable housing project’s inauguration has brought to the forefront critical legal concerns about its lack of parliamentary approval. As the government strives to complete the Saglemi Housing Project, it is essential to navigate these legal intricacies carefully.

By addressing the issues raised by Mr. Sampson Ahi and obtaining the required parliamentary approval, the government can proceed with its plans confidently and provide much-needed housing solutions to the people of Ghana.

The successful completion of both the Pokuase and Saglemi projects will not only alleviate the housing deficit but also set a precedent for transparent and lawful infrastructure development in the country.

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