NPP Super Delegates Conference: Prof Gyampo’s Insights and Expected Results

NPP Super Delegates Conference: Prof Gyampo’s Insights and Expected Results

The recent NPP Super Delegates Conference results have brought Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Kennedy Agyapong, and Alan Kyerematen to the forefront as the top three candidates.

NPP Super Delegates Conference
Prof. Ransford Gyampo

However, Prof Ransford Gyampo, a respected senior lecturer at the University of Ghana, suggests that these outcomes were in line with expectations due to the political alignment of the delegates.

Anticipated Voting Pattern

According to Prof Gyampo, the voting pattern of the delegates was anticipated, considering their political allegiances.

He emphasizes that the consistent support for the leading candidates, positions 1 to 3, can be attributed to their close ties with the political establishment, both as appointees and elected officials.

Challenges Ahead for Aspirants

While the top positions in the conference reflect established political affiliations, Prof Gyampo underscores the importance of the presidential aspirants making further efforts.

Winning the support of the party’s grassroots is a critical endeavor for any of the candidates aiming to lead the NPP. Prof Gyampo highlights that this requires additional work beyond the conference results.

Kennedy Agyapong’s Influence and Grassroots Appeal

Prof Gyampo sheds light on Kennedy Agyapong’s influence within the NPP. Beyond financial support for fellow aspirants, Agyapong’s grassroots appeal is identified as a significant factor that will shape his future impact on the party’s dynamics.

Looking Ahead to the National Conference

Scientific data points to Kennedy Agyapong and Alan Kyerematen likely garnering more votes during the upcoming national conference.

Prof Gyampo suggests that Vice President Bawumia should focus on connecting with grassroots supporters, Kyerematen should strive to secure the party’s leadership, and Agyapong should aim to gain broad-based support.

The Unpredictable Nature of the Race

Prof Gyampo stresses the unpredictable nature of the NPP Presidential Aspirant race.

He encourages delegates to vote in line with their conscience rather than being solely influenced by the outcomes of the recent super delegates conference.

Background: Shortlisting Flagbearer Aspirants

Against the backdrop of the Super Delegates Conference’s goal to shortlist five flagbearer aspirants, a tie between two candidates necessitates an additional process to determine the final fifth candidate.

The voting results placed Vice President Bawumia in the lead with 68.15% of total votes, followed by Kennedy Agyapong with 15.03%, and Alan Kyerematen securing the third position with 10.29%. Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto claimed the fourth spot with 3.90%.

The fifth position is currently contested between Francis Addai Nimo and Boakye Kyeremateng Ayarko.

NPP Super Delegates Conference


The insights provided by Prof Gyampo shed light on the expected outcomes of the NPP Super Delegates Conference and offer guidance for the aspirants as they navigate the road ahead in their pursuit of party leadership.

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