UG to Host West Africa Marine Science Symposium 2023

UG to Host West Africa Marine Science Symposium: The West Africa Marine Science Community proudly announces the debut of the West Africa Marine Science Symposium (WAMSS), a groundbreaking event set to unfold from Friday, August 18, to Sunday, August 20.

This inaugural symposium promises to reshape the landscape of ocean science in the region and beyond.

With a resounding endorsement from the United Nations Ocean Decade and robust backing from the esteemed National Geographic Society, WAMSS has a resolute commitment to catalyzing profound change in ocean science within the sub-region.

The symposium serves as a beacon of collaboration, fostering the exchange of knowledge, best practices, and partnerships while illuminating the challenges and opportunities that underpin marine research endeavors across Africa.

Themes and Collaborative Forces

Under the compelling theme “Advancing Ocean Science in West Africa Through Collaborative Partnerships,” WAMSS stands as a testament to the unity and cooperation among distinguished entities.

This dynamic collaboration unites the expertise of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences at the University of Ghana, the National Geographic Society, the Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean, Nature, Environment, Wildlife, and Filmmaking, and the Coastal Ocean Environment Summer School in Nigeria and Ghana.

A remarkable constellation of partners adds unparalleled depth to WAMSS. Esteemed collaborators include the United States Office of Naval Research, Mission Blue, the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA), the UNEP Regional Seas Convention in Abidjan, the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission in Africa, and the UN Ocean Decade Africa Taskforce.

This collective of luminaries brings their wealth of insights and expertise to the symposium’s forefront.

Dates, Locations, and Hybrid Format

Mark your calendars for the symposium’s momentous kickoff on August 18th at the University of Ghana. The subsequent two days, August 19th and 20th, will unfold in captivating fashion at the African Regent Hotel in Accra, Ghana.

Embracing a hybrid approach, WAMSS seamlessly merges physical and virtual participation, accommodating diverse attendees from across the globe.

WAMSS casts a luminous spotlight on six pivotal thematic areas that lie at the heart of advancing marine science and conservation:

  1. Promoting Marine Environmental Health
  2. Restoration, Conservation, and Management of Living Marine Resources
  3. Outreach, Science Communication, and Storytelling
  4. Building Coastal Community Resilience Against Coastal Hazards
  5. Community Leadership and Participation in Ocean Knowledge Generation
  6. Enabling Access to Enhance Critical Understanding of Africa’s Eastern Atlantic

Acknowledging the vital role of early-career professionals and youth, WAMSS extends a warm invitation to join its ranks.

The symposium presents a dynamic array of offerings, from career path insights and grants writing workshops to funding prospects and invaluable networking avenues.

An exclusive side event dedicated to Early Career Ocean Professionals amplifies the symposium’s commitment to nurturing the future torchbearers of marine science.

Shaping the Marine Landscape

WAMSS emerges as a beacon of collaborative effort, a platform where stakeholders converge to share insights, forge connections, and unveil innovative solutions for the marine environment in West Africa and beyond.

This unprecedented symposium marks a defining moment in the trajectory of marine science, serving as a catalyst for lasting partnerships and a brighter, more sustainable oceanic future.

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