Add More Registration Centres: MPs Appeal To EC

Add More Registration Centres: MPs Appeal To EC

Registration Centres: Dr. Godfred Seidu Jasaw, the Member of Parliament (MP) representing the Wa East Constituency, has called upon the Electoral Commission (EC) to establish an additional registration center within his constituency as part of the ongoing limited voter registration process.

Add More Registration Centres

This initiative, according to Dr. Jasaw, would alleviate accessibility challenges faced by residents and allow over 80% of the district’s population to obtain their voter’s identity cards. He emphasized that designating the district capital as the sole registration location presents significant limitations.

Dr. Jasaw voiced his appeal during an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Wa after visiting the EC office at the district capital to oversee the registration process.

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Unfortunately, his visit was hindered by flooding between Yanyuoriyi and the Ambalara bridge in the constituency.

The MP pointed out that the current district office’s location is primarily accessible to the Sissala belt of the constituency, leaving a substantial portion of the population isolated due to impassable rivers and deteriorating road conditions leading to the district capital, where the EC office is situated.

Dr. Jasaw emphasized that the accessibility challenge not only hinders voter registration but also negatively impacts the overall development of the constituency and the region as a whole.

In light of these circumstances, he stressed the urgent need for an additional registration center that would ensure no citizen is disenfranchised due to inadequate road infrastructure.

He further highlighted that the poor road conditions not only affect the electoral process but also impede the constituency’s overall progress.

It is important to note that both major political parties in Ghana, the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress, have established satellite offices at Bullenga, which is located several kilometers away from Funsi, the district capital, in their efforts to extend access to the entire Wa East Constituency.

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