Alan Quit NPP for the Second Time: Full Story

Alan Quit NPP for the Second Time

Alan Quit NPP: Mr. Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen, a former contender for the presidential nomination of the New Patriotic Party, has launched the “MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE” with the aim of pursuing political leadership.

Alan Quit NPP

The emblem representing this MOVEMENT is the Monarch Butterfly, a symbol in the political context that signifies change, transformation, hope, and optimism. Mr. Kyerematen revealed this during a press conference where he announced his resignation from previous affiliations and his intention to run as an independent candidate in the upcoming 2024 General Elections.

According to Mr. Kyerematen, the Monarch Butterfly also conveys qualities he values as a political leader, including strength, resilience, spirituality, and trustworthiness.

The official motto of the MOVEMENT is “Ghana Will Rise Again,” a phrase that embodies hope for Ghana’s future. Mr. Kyerematen emphasized that this new political initiative would be driven by the youth of Ghana. Out of the more than 17 million registered voters in the 2020 general election, the youth, aged 18-35, accounted for over 9.4 million voters, representing 55 percent of the total electorate.

He pointed out that the youth, despite being the future of the country, are also the most vulnerable segment of society, with statistics indicating that 85 percent of all incarcerated individuals in Ghana fall within the age range of 12 to 35 years, a deeply concerning statistic.

Mr. Kyerematen utilized this platform to introduce himself to the people of Ghana and to seek their support in his quest to become the next President of the Republic of Ghana. He firmly believes that he is the only leader possessing unmatched integrity who can ensure Ghana’s economic and industrial transformation, restore confidence in political leadership, and unite a nation that is increasingly divided.

He highlighted his unique selling points as a leader, which include VISION, COMPETENCE, INTEGRITY, and ACTION.

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