What’s OccupyJulorbiHouseDemo? Everything you need to know!

#OccupyJulorbiHouseDemo: September 21 holds great significance in Ghana’s history as a day dedicated to commemorating the remarkable life of one of its foremost revolutionary leaders, Kwame Nkrumah. His tireless pursuit of independence and contributions to democracy remain indelible. However, today’s Ghana appears to be a departure from Nkrumah’s vision.

Kwame Nkrumah’s legacy underscored the importance of industrialism and nationalism in his political ideology. Yet, present-day Ghana seems to embody Nkrumah’s worst fears.


A civil rights group known as Democracy Hub has exercised its fundamental human rights by calling for a peaceful demonstration. Their protest addresses concerns over the escalating cost of living, perceived authoritarianism, press censorship, and allegations of state capture by the Ghanaian government.

#OccupyJulorBiHouse: A Clever Call for Change

The hashtag #OccupyJulorBiHouse, which has taken the number 1 trend as at the time of publishing, is a clever wordplay combining “Occupy” and “Jubilee House,” Ghana’s seat of power and residence of the nation’s leader.


Occupy Julorbi House Meaning

The term “Julor Bi” is derived from the Ga language, meaning “Child of a Thief.” This phrase symbolizes the disconnect and negligence of Ghana’s ruling class, whose decisions have contributed to the country’s current challenges.

Challenges Amidst Peaceful Protests

The peaceful demonstration commenced in the early hours of today, with allegations emerging of police harassment and intimidation of protesters. The authorities have claimed security threats as the basis for their actions, resulting in over 50 arrests of protesters at Jubilee House.

While there are rumors of political sponsorship from the opposition party, the group insists that they were not officially served with any court injunction to halt their protest.

Meanwhile, Twitter users have criticized their favorite celebrities who have failed to add their voices to the “Occupy Julorbi House” protest.


In Conclusion: #OccupyJulorbiHouseDemo

Kwame Nkrumah’s legacy as a champion of independence and democracy in Ghana is celebrated on September 21. However, present-day Ghana faces challenges that seem at odds with his vision. A civil rights group, Democracy Hub, is protesting issues such as the rising cost of living, perceived authoritarianism, press censorship, and allegations of government capture.

Their demonstration, labeled #OccupyJulorBiHouse, is a symbolic call for change at Ghana’s seat of power, Jubilee House. Despite allegations of police harassment and arrests, the group persists in their peaceful protest, emphasizing their right to do so. Public figures, including celebrities, have come under scrutiny for their perceived silence on these issues.

This situation highlights the ongoing discourse around governance and civil rights in Ghana, reflecting both the country’s rich history and its contemporary challenges.

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