Nigerian Artists Outshine Ghanaian Counterparts on the International Stage, Says Fameye

Fameye has brought attention to a significant issue faced by Ghanaian musicians when performing abroad. During his recent appearance on the Day Show, he highlighted the contrast in enthusiasm between Ghanaian and Nigerian artists’ overseas performances.

The singer, who gained prominence in 2019, recounted his experiences performing in the UK and America, where attendance from Ghanaians was lacking. Even when there was a Ghanaian presence, he noted a reluctance among them to participate actively.

Fameye emphasized the disparity in fan support, citing how Nigerians eagerly book tickets in advance to attend shows by their artists, while Ghanaians often fail to exhibit the same level of enthusiasm for their own.

Nigerian Artists Outshine Ghanaian Counterparts on the International Stage, Says Fameye

He pointed out the challenge of needing a significant Ghanaian audience for a successful show but expressed disappointment that Ghanaians abroad don’t support their artists as fervently as they do foreign ones.

Fameye also remarked on the shifting dynamics between Ghanaian and Nigerian artists. In the past, Nigerian artists sought collaborations with Ghanaian counterparts to tap into their influence. However, the roles have reversed, with Ghanaian artists now actively pursuing collaborations with Nigerians, as they believe such partnerships may not provide the exposure they desire.

The artist’s comments came in the wake of concert cancellations by notable Ghanaian musicians Sarkodie and Gyakie in the UK and parts of Europe, which left fans curious about the reasons behind these unexpected cancellations. Alordia, a respected music and event organizer in the UK, later revealed that low ticket sales were the primary cause.

Fameye also shared his intention to build his fanbase both locally and internationally before embarking on tours or performances. He expressed a desire to be well-prepared to match up to the audience’s expectations, underlining the challenges Ghanaian artists face in gaining international recognition and success.

In summary, Fameye’s remarks shed light on the disparity in support between Ghanaian and Nigerian artists on the global stage and the changing dynamics of collaborations between these two musical communities.

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