Black Sherif Release “Take Care of Yourself Blacko” – Download EP

Ghanaian singer Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong, popularly known as Black Sherif, is gearing up to unveil a brand new EP titled ‘Take Care of Yourself Blacko’.

Following his impressive win as the 2023 VGMA Artist of the Year, Black Sherif has announced that his latest project will be released on Thursday, August 10.

In a recent tweet, the talented artist behind the hit track “Soja” revealed the EP’s title as ‘Take Care of Yourself, Blacko’. This upcoming EP promises to be a testament to Black Sherif’s artistic evolution and musical prowess.

Download ‘Take care of yourself Black’.

The artist has recently released a new hit track called “YAYA” which is accompanied by another captivating track titled “SIMMER DOWN”. Both tracks are part of his newly unlocked music collection titled “Take Care of Yourself Blacko”.

  1. Black Sherif – YAYA
  2. Black Sherif – SIMMER DOWN

A Glimpse into “Take Care of Yourself Blacko”

“Take Care of Yourself, Blacko” comprises two captivating tracks that provide a platform for Black Sherif to showcase his sensational musical talents. A noteworthy aspect of this EP is that it solely features Black Sherif himself, allowing his individual artistry to shine through.

The EP not only accentuates Black Sherif’s musical attributes but also delivers a mesmerizing melody and captivating lyrics that are bound to have listeners grooving along. With a perfect blend of rhythm and poetic verses, “Take Care of Yourself, Blacko” is poised to be a musical masterpiece.

Take Care of Yourself Blacko
Take Care of Yourself Blacko

Fans and music enthusiasts can anticipate an immersive musical experience as Black Sherif takes them on a journey through his distinct style and creative expression.

As the release date draws nearer, excitement is building among Black Sherif’s fans and the music industry alike. With his track record of delivering impactful music, “Take Care of Yourself, Blacko” is anticipated to make a significant impact in the music scene and solidify Black Sherif’s position as one of Ghana’s most promising artists.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of this EP and get ready to be captivated by Black Sherif’s musical prowess once again.

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