Akili Bobo: A Ghanaian Success Story in Columbus, Ohio.

In the vibrant city of Columbus, Ohio, there resides a remarkable individual known as Akili Bobo, whose real name is Yaw Owusu Agyekum. He is not just any resident; he is one of the wealthiest Ghanaians living in the United States.

In a recent development, the Ghanaian movie industry achieved international recognition with the addition of the documentary series “Royal Rules of Ohio” to the Hulu platform. This series centers around the intriguing lives of the Agyekum sisters in Columbus, Ohio, and their journey of balancing wealth and prestige.

Akili Bobo and family

This article delves into the fascinating biography, facts, and profile of Akili Bobo.

The Agyekum Family

Akili Bobo’s life revolves around his loving family. He shares his life with his beautiful wife, Dela .O. Agyekum Akiliwaa, and together they have three charming daughters. Collectively, they are known as the “Agyekum Family,” and their journey is a source of inspiration.

Early Life

Akili Bobo hails from Amakom, a suburb in the Ashanti Region of Kumasi, Ghana. He is the fifth child in a family of seven siblings. Raised primarily by their mother, Akili, and his siblings faced challenges as their father worked tirelessly from a distance.

Age and Education

While his exact age may not be disclosed, Akili Bobo is believed to be in his 50s. He received his early education at the Royal International Preparatory School and continued to Prempeh College for his secondary education. Notably, he holds nursing and respiratory therapist degrees in the United States.

Love and Family

Akili Bobo is married to Olivia Delali Agyekum, affectionately known as Mama Dollars. Mama Dollars is a dedicated nurse. Together, they are blessed with three daughters: Thelma Agyekum, Brenda Agyekum, and Nana Agyekum, each with their unique talents and aspirations.

Akili Bobo

The Origin of “Akili Bobo”

Akili Bobo’s unique name has an interesting origin. During his infancy, he displayed an aggressive spirit, much like a young chick in their home. It was this spirited nature that earned him his distinctive name.

Overcoming Adversity

Akili Bobo’s journey was not without its challenges. He and his wife, Mama Dollars, faced poverty in the past, prompting their move from California to Columbus, Ohio. In their early days, they even slept on the floor. However, their determination and hard work paid off, and their daughters have experienced a life far removed from those difficult times.

Rumors once circulated about Akili Bobo and his wife being involved in illicit activities like cocaine and money laundering. However, they vehemently denied these allegations and attributed their wealth to hard work, long hours, and prayer.

Diverse Income Streams

The Agyekum family is involved in the healthcare industry, providing essential services to individuals in their homes. Additionally, they have been working on a real estate project since 2011, a venture that has proven fruitful.

Akili Bobo

The Agyekum Residence

Akili Bobo and his family call a magnificent 12-bedroom mansion in Columbus, Ohio, their home. It boasts a private pathway, a luxurious swimming pool with a remote control, and a sprawling compound. They are the only Black residents in a predominantly white neighborhood.

Among their possessions are some of the world’s most coveted cars, including Range Rovers, G-Wagons, and Mercedes Benzes.

Unveiling the Net Worth

While the exact net worth of Akili Bobo and the Agyekum family remains undisclosed, it is widely believed to be substantial.


The life of Akili Bobo, also known as Yaw Owusu Agyekum, is a testament to perseverance, dedication, and the pursuit of success. From humble beginnings in Ghana to a life of opulence in Columbus, Ohio, Akili Bobo’s journey is truly inspiring, offering valuable lessons for all who seek to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.

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