Obama Gears Up for NAHSAG Presidency in Upcoming Elections

Obama Gears Up for NAHSAG Presidency in Upcoming Elections


NAHSAG Presidency: Ernest K.Agyare, also known as Obama, has obtained nomination forms to run for the presidency in the upcoming NAHSAG General Elections.

NAHSAG, the National Health Students Association of Ghana, represents all health students and recent graduates in the country.

Obama Gears Up for NAHSAG Presidency

The elections are scheduled for November 2023, and the current administration has made a significant impact on both society and its members.

Obama, drawing on his extensive experience in student leadership at both the institutional and national levels, aims to elevate the association with his practical policies for the 2023/24 administrative year, as stated by his campaigner.

As a former PASAG national president and Youth Health Minister in the United Nations Youth Government, he is expected to face strong competition from other candidates.

We will closely monitor the election proceedings and provide updates to our readers.

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